Choosing Curriculum for Homeschool

Are you overwhelmed by homeschool curriculum options? I was, too. Honestly, I was quite frustrated…and embarrassed because I had taught first grade for 11 years. This should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. I left the store empty handed, shaking my head, frustrated, and disappointed. Not to be critical, but many of the options … Continue reading

Welcome TTH!

Welcome TTH!  Thank you for asking such great questions and exchanging wonderful dialogue. You are the inspiration for this site.  I hope you find it helpful! Warmly, Amy

Setting up a Homeschool Room or Space

When setting up a homeschool room, it is a good idea to think about the function of the space.  Here are some good questions to consider: Is there a space for each child to sit comfortably and work? This can be at your kitchen table, a coffee table, or a child’s size table and chairs. … Continue reading

Purposeful Activities and Worksheets

One thing that I have concerns about is HOW and WHEN to use worksheets.  Most parents feel very comfortable with using “skill and drill” (one skill practiced over and over again) because that method was used when we were in school.  However, we now know that the brain needs CONNECTIONS to the skills for real … Continue reading