Purposeful Activities and Worksheets

One thing that I have concerns about is HOW and WHEN to use worksheets.  Most parents feel very comfortable with using “skill and drill” (one skill practiced over and over again) because that method was used when we were in school.  However, we now know that the brain needs CONNECTIONS to the skills for real learning to occur.

How do you know what is a good worksheet and isn’t?  I thought you would ask that!  Here is a quick example:

Choosing Quality Worksheets and Purposeful Activities

I wanted to share how we used worksheets in our math lessons this week.

Counting orally is something most kids start doing very young.. Next, the goal is to get children to understand that we say ONE (number) word for ONE object that we count.  This is called One-to-One Correspondence. Here is an example of how I practice this with my two year old: Teaching One to One Correspondence to Preschoolers

We are dinosaur crazy over here, so I grabbed this workbook at Dollar Tree for fun. There are a few gems of knowledge to use in this book IF you get out the counters and start asking those good questions!  See what happened…. Using Worksheets to Extend to Real Learning

I am hoping that they will give you some new insight and ideas!


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