Setting up a Homeschool Room or Space

When setting up a homeschool room, it is a good idea to think about the function of the space.  Here are some good questions to consider:

Is there a space for each child to sit comfortably and work?

This can be at your kitchen table, a coffee table, or a child’s size table and chairs. For handwriiting, it is best for kids to have their feet on the floor in an appropriate sized chair, or seated on the floor at a low table.

How can you organize supplies to keep the kids safe and prevent chaos?

I keep things like markers, glue, scissors, etc. on a high shelf and I only let the kids have them when I am there to supervise. It just keeps the messes in check.  I also keep items with small parts (choking hazards) on high shelves until I can supervise the little ones closely.

What do I need to put on the walls?

This is the learning space for the KIDS, so the KIDS need to feel that this space is for them.  The best way to achieve that is to put their artwork, learning posters, etc. on the wall.  Yes, that means that you will start with some blank walls, and that is perfectly OK.

How can I organize the kids materials?

I keep things in a 2 pocket folder, and I call it a “Keep It Neat Folder.”  We put work to be done in the left pocket, and work in progress in the right pocket.

I keep a plastic pencil box to hold their pencil (with pencil grip), magnifying glass, kids’ tweezers, and 6″ ruler.  Everything else we keep in plastic shoebox tubs, and we get out as it is needed.

Also, don’t forget to label. You can do it as a learning activity, too!  Have the labels ready and ask the kids to help you find their proper place.

Just a friendly suggestion…

Another gift that you can teach your teach is the gift of self-discipline.  Part of this skill is making sure you clean up and put thing away when you are finished and/or have a tidy time at the end of the day. Make it fun with a specific songs, so your kids know when they hear it, it is time to tidy!  Encourage with “When our school room is tidy, we can have a snack or go outside to play.”  It is always nice to start the next day with a tidy room.

What else about organizing your school room space do you want to know?


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