Choosing Curriculum for Homeschool

Are you overwhelmed by homeschool curriculum options?

I was, too. Honestly, I was quite frustrated…and embarrassed because I had taught first grade for 11 years. This should be a piece of cake, right?

Wrong. I left the store empty handed, shaking my head, frustrated, and disappointed.

Not to be critical, but many of the options were boring AND dated. Only one seemed to get more than a glance from my kids.

So, what is a parent to do?

Enter your email on my website and get a FREE guide called Curriculum Therapy: How to Choose the Right Curriculum for Your Child

This of it as your roadmap to figuring out which curriculum matches the need of your family. It is my gift to you.

Why? I don’t want any parent to feel that sense of overwhelming frustration, and I sincerely want your child to be inspired to learn and BEGGING you to start school each morning.

You, too? It can happen. Together, you and I will figure this out.


P.S. Have questions? Drop me a line! I enjoy hearing from you!


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